P7F Reflective Friday 1.2.19


As a class we are challenging ourselves with our Ultimate Times Table Challenges. Each week we are improving on our times/scores.

We have been budgeting for our trip to Paris. Making sure that our amount are realistic and that we have enough spending money. We were adding and subtracting money amounts. These amounts all had decimal points. We then converted our spending money from GBP to Euros. To do this we multiplied the amount we had saved by the exchange rate. We practised our multiplication of up to 3 digit numbers. Ms Mullerova helped us with this.

Next Step – To move on our knowledge of currency we will practise using real life situations.


We are still enjoying “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”. We have been studying this and discussing the story line. We used a number of tasks to help us study this novel. Some of us worked in groups for this.

Miss Fotheringham was very impressed with our discussions during Literature Circles today.  Remember to do your reading homework each week so that you can join in on these discussions.

Grammar – we are reinforcing how to use apostrophes in the correct way. This is important for when we are older and are filling in job applications and writing essays in high school!

Next Step – we would like to write about a child from the 1940’s. We will use inspiration from Anne Frank and “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”.


This week our focus has been womens’ role in WW2. As part of this topic we have created Propaganda posters. We used our team work skills as well as our research skills to find out what these were.

Also we have been budding artists and have used line and shading to create portraits of well known leaders from the 1940’s. For example – Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler. Next we will move on to find out who all these people are.

Next step – we are moving on to learn about evacuation during WW2.

Please find attached the current Homework Grid. This is due on the Monday 25th February. P7 Homework Grid – WWII based