P1 Squirrels w/b 4th Feb 19

Literacy & Reading
This week we are exploring the sounds ‘ee’ and ‘ea’. Our new ‘tricky words’ are they and are. There will be a new sound sheet this week, please continue to practise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.
There will be no reading book sent home next week – there will be a new book that we will cover in class.
Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: you, want, was, saw, put.

Numeracy & Maths
• Counting 2 collections – we are working on counting 2 collections of counters and adding the 2 collections to say how many we have all together.
• Counting 2 collections – we are then covering one of the collections and asking: ‘How many do we have all together?’
Counting 2 collections extended – we have now looked at 2 collations then covered both of them and asked: ‘How many do we have all together?’
• Money – this is our last week exploring money. We have continued to recognise the coins up to £1 and adding small amounts together.
• Adding – we have been using dominoes to complete adding calculations.
• ‘Topmarks’ website has some fun and interactive money games to play – have a go!
Other Curricular Areas
• Art – We are continuing to look at Andy Warhol art. We are re-creating our own art work inspired by the artist!
• P.E. – We have been working on our fitness levels in P.E. and children have been working their way round a circuit.

Learning Through Play
• Role Play –The Fairyland Castle has been very popular this week! The children have enjoyed dressing up and acting out some Fairyland characters.
• Wet Sand Play – We have added frozen cups of water filled with coins.
• Paint – Children have shown an interest in making leaves for our Beanstalk for Fairyland.

Extra Information
• This week we have had a small focus on promoting independence – children have had less support at the beginning and end of the day. We are hoping to develop their skills in self-management especially within the classroom in order to maximise ‘learning time’.
• P1S enjoyed sharing their learning at the Parent Drop In session – thank you for coming along! We hope the children enjoy a well-deserved February break!