P2c Reflective Friday 8.2.19



This week we have taken time to revise the magic e spelling patterns we have learned so far. We have also been testing each other on our spelling words.




Please continue to revise your tricky spelling  words using the spelling city word lists ( accessed via the link below.)

We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class.

You may wish to use our Spelling City class page to play games and revise the tricky spelling words. n.b. this site works best on a laptop, but there is a free app available for tablets

Numeracy and maths

We continued to practise counting amounts of money. We enjoyed sharing our learning with sone of  you on Wednesday.



Other areas of the curriculum.

  • We have been learning about the moon, how it rotates around the earth while the earth turns around the sun.  Please ask us to share our knowledge with you.
  • We learned about Chinese New Year.

  • We loved our workshop in forces with our visitors from ‘ generation Science’ on Monday morning.



We continue to develop a wide range of skills through cooperative, imaginative, creative and investigative play.



Some of our questions -( just a few, we had lots):

  • What do Owls eat?
  • Do owls lose their teeth?
  • How dark is the night?
  • What colour is the darkness ?
  • How does the moon move?
  • How does the moon change shape?
  • How do stars twinkle?
  • How are stars made?
  • Which animals like the night?
  • How big is space?

If you have any expertise you could share with us around our topic please do get in touch.

Things you could do at home…

Have a lovely break !

Read a book that interests you.

Get active – any way you choose.