P4B Reflective Friday 8.2.19

Here is what we have learned this week


This week we started learning about the strategies of subtraction, we began with the best ways to get the answer in our heads. To do this we played subtraction bingo. We then looked at how to transfer this knowledge to simple sums using our algorithm method.

We haven’t had time to revise our beat thats this week so here they are for you to practice at home.




Things to do at home –


This has an explanation of some of the mental strategies we will be using


We linked a lot of our literacy work this week to Chinese New Year, the children developed their note taking skills and did a comprehension exercise all about how it is celebrated. We also did a research task about the country of China using the IPADS, finding out about things like famous landmarks and all the languages spoken there.

We made a poster about how to use the internet safely using the message of SMART, it would be great if the children could remember and explain to you what this means.

Things to do at home –

This is the video about internet safety we based our poster on.

Other areas

We have had a great week learning more about science and different types of power. First of all we were very lucky to have Generation Science in the school and they gave us a great workshop called Power to the People which the children loved. Then today we made our own circuits using batteries, bulbs, switches, buzzers and fans, at the end some tables worked together and created a super circuit.

Have a great holiday