P5H – 8.2.19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week!


On Monday we used our story sticks that we made last week to tell our stories to the P3s. The P3s really liked our stories and they managed to answer some questions we asked about our stories too!

Later in the week we used our story sticks to help us write about our stories. Mrs Haynes asked us to try and write at least one full page and almost everyone managed which was great! We had to try and include a simile and at least three different openers and connectives when we were writing.

Here is our spelling this week;



WE have done some more work on time this week. We converted 12 hour time to 24 hour time. To convert PM times you add the number of hours it is to 12. If there is only 3 digits in your AM time then you add a 0 at the start.

We have done some more work on using column sums to multiply, it’s getting much easier and we are starting to do it with bigger numbers.

Some home learing you can do over the holidays is practise division!

Daily10 is a fun way to do this.


WE learnt some more about Tudor food. We had to use the iPads to help us search for Tudor food for rich and poor people to make a menu. We then used ‘hot seating’ to interview people by asking them about their food to try and work out if they were a rich or poor person.

We designed some artwork inspired by Steven Brown’s Mccoo artwork. Our artwork was inspired by Mary Queen of Scots so we added in crowns, Scottish flags, jewlery and thistles to respresent Mary. In the background we put castles that Mary Queen of Scots had visited.

We also learnt about internet safety. The most important messages we got about internet safety were;

Always to ask for permission before sharing a picture of someone.

If someone you don’t know tries to add you then tell a trusted adult and block them.

If you are on a website and a notification pops up that you don’t know what to do then ask an adult.