P5HW learning this week 1/3/19

Today’s Reflective blog was written together .


We continued to learn about Time. We were looking at different bus timetables and trying to work out the times it took the buses to reach different places. .

In number work we continued to practise  our times tables daily. 

We are learning how to multiply numbers  x10 , x100 ,  x1000.


We changed our books in Literacy Circles and added another role…the predictor.

We worked on speech marks and putting them in sentences.

We continued to explore the life of Mary Queen of Scots .


We discovered the outline of a body with questions around it . There were lots of clues scattered around the crime scene. We had to work out Who? When? Where? How? Why?

It was really exciting

Holyrood Palace visit.

We had a brilliant trip to explore the life of Mary Queen on Scots

These are words we thought of to describe the trip…

interesting, fascinating, exciting. amazing, awesome , detailed , incredible. unbelievable 

Our favourite parts included ,….

  • dressing up as Mary and Darnley ,
  • visiting Mary’s own bed chamber and seeing the scene of the crime
  • the long  gallery of paintings,
  • being history detectives
Mary is dressed by her servant
Darnley is dressed by his servant!
Being history detectives!

Next week it is the Book Fair and Book Week so a busy time ahead!