P5H – 22/2/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We wrote a report on Generation Science from earlier in the week. We had to use scientific words to help us.

In spelling we had to change a word ending in y to a plural. If the second last letter was a vowel then we just had to add an s onto it, if the second last letter was a consonant then we have to change the y to a i and add es.

We finished our books in literacy circles! We will get new ones next week.


We learnt about time intervals with Mrs Martindale. We had to use different methods to find out the time between two times or to find out when something finished. We also looked at timetables for busses and trains.

Some home learning for maths is to look at timetables and calculate durations of different things e.g. tv shows, busses or trains. Remember to write any highlights in the homework highlights book.

We did our daily10, next week all groups are going to start dividing so start to practise at home.

We made our own maths board games to show what we know about times tables.


We used excel to add up money to help us understand the purpose of excel. Someone wanted to go to the sweet shop and we had to type in a formula to work out how to get 14 sweets for £10.

We have been learning about Lord Darnley. He get married to Mary but it wasn’t a happy marriage. He was a very vain man.

In PE we were on the apparatus for gymnastics.