Week Beginning 18th February 2019

Literacy & Reading
This week we have been revising all of our sounds from this term as well as all of our tricky words.

Some of the words we are finding extra tricky to read and write this week are:

  • we
  • they
  • are
  • you

There will not be a new sound sheet this week, please continue to practise sounds and tricky words at home.
Everyone got a new book this week, please keep practising reading at home. New books will be sent home every Monday or Tuesday, however reading books need to be brought to school everyday.
Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)

Numeracy & Maths
• Adding 2 groups by counting on – by starting at one number and adding on the second number, how many do we have altogether?
• Counting 2 collections with one screened– we are covering one of the collections and asking: ‘How many do we have all together?’
•Counting 2 collections extended – we have now looked at 2 collations then covered both of them and asked: ‘How many do we have all together?’
•Time – We have done an introduction to time, to find out what we already know.

Topmarks website has some fun and interactive money games to play – have a go!

Other Curricular Areas
• Health and Wellbeing – This week we have been talking about what makes a good friend. The children all came up with some lovely ideas of why they make a good friend. They have all now made a promise to be kind to everyone!
• P.E. – We have been working on our fitness levels in P.E. and children have been working their way round a circuit.

Learning Through Play
• Role Play –The hospital in the area has been a favourite this week. Lots of children have been helping to look after the babies!
• Crafts – Children have been very interested in making fans this week. Some children have also been very interested in making crowns and jewellery.

•Construction – As we started time learning this week, some children made a huge ‘Big Ben’ model from the construction materials.


Extra information- On Wednesday 27th February, the P1 foxes are going to be making some junk models of bridges that we see in our environment in the classroom. Please feel free to send in any junk materials we could use for this from home, helping us to save our environment by reusing!