P2c Reflective Friday 22.2.19


We learned how to use the split digraph e – e in words like Eve and  here.

We started a revision and test of all our common/tricky words so far.

We practised using full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

We enjoy using this game on the smartboard to practise our spelling.


Click HERE for a link in case you want to play at home too

Maths and Numeracy


We have been using our skills in subtraction to help us work out how much change to get.

” I bought a ball costing 8p, I used a 10p coin. How much change do I need?”

“I spent 65 p in the cafe. I paid with a 50p coin and a 20p coin. How much change will I get?”


Other areas of the curriculum

We have been very busy learning the songs for our Easter Show ” Rise and Shine”

We learned facts about the sun and we enjoyed making our own burning balls of fire using paint and glitter.



We discussed how we can get active, and have enjoyed time outside using our new bag of resources which were bought with Sainsburys vouchers.


We enjoy planning, designing and creating with peg boards.