P2c Reflective Friday 1.3.19


We learned how to use the split digraph u-e in words like cube, tune.

We continued our revision and test of all our common/tricky words so far.

We planned, told, then wrote a story about a trip to the moon. These stories will be entered in to our whole school story writing competition for world book day.

We went to visit p3t who read us their stories about Ancient Egypt.


Click HERE for a link to a spelling game in case you want to play at home too

Maths and Numeracy


We have returned to working on core numeracy skills such as counting on and back, and counting the jumps from one number to another.


Other areas of the curriculum

We had a fantastic visit this morning from Mr Melotte (Laura’s dad) who told us all about his work at the Royal Observatory helping to plan and design an enormous telescope in Chile. We also got to hold a real meteorite!

We have been very busy practising  the songs for our Easter Show ” Rise and Shine”.

Some people have brought words home to learn by heart. Your support in helping with this is much appreciated.

We took advantage of the fabulous weather to take our learning outside. We investigated the rotation of the earth by drawing round our shadows st different times of day.



We enjoy planning, designing and creating with peg boards. We made flags, then tried to learn some new flags from a book. Can you spot the the Lithuanian flag? We also designed our own flags.



We enjoy learning and choosing our own creative activities, like making a giant floor game about ‘get active’