P5H – 1/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We got our new reading books for Literature Circles – remember reading is due for Monday each week.

We learnt about words to show emotion in news articles with Mrs Martindale. We had to read through a piece of news about deforestation and try and find words that showed emotion in it.

The P3s had written stories for us and they came and told them on Monday! They were great stories.


We learnt some more about time durations. This week we looked at a timetable for a train. We had to try and figure out how long the train journey would be.

We began to learn about area. Area is the space that a shape takes up. We made up our own shapes which had to have a certain amount of cm2 in them. We also had to try and draw outlines of shapes with a certain area, this was a bit harder.

Some home learning we can do on a bit of squared paper

Draw some shapes with the following areas;





25 1/2 cm2


On Monay we learnt about how David Rizzio got stabbed 56 times and thrown down some stairs! Lord Darnely was part of the plot for this. A crime scene appeared outside the classroom to help us solve this.

We made health passports to share how we are going how are we are going to be active and healthy.

We went on a trip to HOLYROOD PALACE! When we arrived we looked outside and discovered that one side is older than the other. We found out that the stone structure outside was a replica of one at Linlithgow Palace. Next we went on a tour of the inside of the palace, it was very ‘polished’ and old but nice. We liked seeing the room where Rizzio died and Mary’s bedroom with the secret stairway.

After this we Fergus and Rebecca got dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley! The clothes were quite tight.