Wb 25.02.19

Literacy & Reading

This week’s new sounds are ai and ay. ‘Tricky Words’ are all and some. Please continue to revise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.
New reading books will be sent home this week–Monday/Tuesday.
Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: are, all, some, was, saw, want.

During reading we have also been concentrating on reading with expression and spotting rhyming words.

•We wrote stories about space this week for the world book day competition , and they were out of this world!

Numeracy & Maths

• Maths – we have continued to explore time. We have now covered reading the time to o’clock and half past

• You could also talk about times of the day (bed time, dinner time, time to get up) and read these on the clock together.

•Numeracy – We have been working a lot on adding this week using number sentences. eg 3 + 5 = 8

Other Curricular Areas

• P.E. – We have been working on our fitness levels in P.E. and children have been working their way round a circuit. We are also using positional language in P.E.
• P.E. – children enjoyed P.E. out in the sunshine using our new equipment. Our focus this week is sharing and communicating.
• French – Miss Davidson read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to the class in French!
• Music – All children in P1 took part in singing this week and all managed to sing a small solo part to the rest of their group!
• Health and Wellbeing – We are focussing on ‘Get Active’ this week. Children have shared what they like to do to be active. We know the children are also keen to start their ’30 Day Challenge’ at home – Good Luck!!!

Learning Through Play

• Role Play –The children are still enjoying using the role play skills in the area, they have used the role play area to create a house and a hospital.
• Drawing – Some children have really enjoyed drawing and creating jewellery this week.
• Dance – children have made a dance floor and have been sharing their dance moves along with singing.
• Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.

Extra Information

• Thank you very much for sending in your junk, we made great bridges this week!

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.