P1 Squirrels w/b 04.03.19

Literacy & Reading

This week’s new sounds are oi and oy. ‘Tricky Words’ are said and come. Please continue to revise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.
New reading books will be sent home this week–Monday/Tuesday.
Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: are, all, some, was, saw, want.

During reading we have also been concentrating on reading with expression and spotting rhyming words.

• Writing – This week we wrote about ‘The Moon’ as part of a whole school competition – this was linked to celebrating World Book Day.

Numeracy & Maths

• Maths – we have continued to explore time. We have now covered predicting what time it will be in 2hours, 3hours, 4hours etc. we have also discussed what time was it 2hours, 3hours, 4hours ago etc.
• You could also talk about times of the day (bed time, dinner time, time to get up) and read these on the clock together.
• We have also been learning to split an amount in to two parts (partitioning). Children have enjoyed using different coloured bingo dabbers to show their partitioning.

Other Curricular Areas

• P.E. – We have been working on our fitness levels in P.E. and children have been working their way round a circuit. We are also using positional language in P.E.
• P.E. – Children have been enjoying the Daily Mile and Cosmic Kids Yoga as part of their P.E. too.
• Drama – This week children had another go at the ‘Hot Seat’ with their learning partner. Children took on the role of an astronaut and asked each other questions about space travel

Learning Through Play

• Drawing – As part of a whole school activity to celebrate World Book Day children re-designed the cover of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (this was linked to our Fairyland topic).
• Technologies – Children have been using the recycling to build models and explore how to join different materials using glue, tape and ‘blue-tac’.
• Technologies – Children have also been making paper aeroplanes and testing how far/high they can fly them.
• Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.

Extra Information

• We need your help! We are looking for photos of your child being active……. these can be family photos – they are for our Health and Wellbeing wall display in school. (One photo per child please). Thank you!
• Can we also ask for any recycling – we would like to do some junk modelling and build some castles!

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.