Blog – 8.3.19

Reflective Friday 8th March 2019 – p5HW



We have been learning division – some people did “bus stop” strategy, and some did “hangman” strategy. We used times tables to help! Some people did stations (eg 72 divided by 9 = 8).

We also worked a bit on bus timetables.


We wrote space stories for the 500 words competition. We voted for the best at each table, then Mrs W chose three from those winners to go forward to the Second Level competition.

Someone in our class won the Design a Favourite Book Cover Competition!

We learned a spelling rule this week: if a word ends in -y, take it off and add -ies. However, if the letter before y is a vowel, simply add s.



Tudor houses – each higher floor juts out further to create more space. It’s called a jetty.

Poor people had thatched roofs, while rich people had tiles. Wattle and daub was used to fill in wooden frames – it’s made from straw, hay, horse hair, and animal droppings!