P2M – What we have been learning this week 08.03.19


This week our spelling sound was soft c. We know this makes the s sound. We looked at soft c words ending in ice. This included nice, mice, spice, price and rice. We know that the c makes the s sound and magic e also does it job by making the i sound like igh.

We have also been busy practising our tricky words. Please see previous post for these words.

In Writing we enjoyed entering the school’s writing competition. We had to write about going to the moon (it is the 50th anniversary this year for the first person on the moon). Our star steps included: capital letters/full stops (and some people even tried to use exclamation marks!), describing words (we used some amazing words!) and we had to include a beginning, a middle and an end so our story made sense.

In Reading, we like our group books and really enjoyed visiting the Book Fair and sharing our favourite book on World Book Day. Also, P7 came to read with us which we loved! We think they are great! We look forward to next week’s session.

Things to do at home: 

– practise writing soft c words remembering our best friends and single sounds (see photo above)

– think of different describing words for lots of different things, e.g. the weather, the programme you are watching, your cuddly toys 

– keep reading at home! What books are you going to read?! 

Maths and Numeracy

We continued our SEAL work. We are thinking of numbers before and after, sequencing numbers, adding two numbers together and counting and copying patterns.

We are also continuing to build our money skills. Some of us are trying to recognise the coins, some of us are using coins to buy things and others are even trying to add some money together.

Things to do at home:

– ask the number before and after 

– put different numbers in order, from smallest to biggest or vice versa

– add two numbers together (using counters/objects if necessary)

– keep trying to use coins in real life contexts, e.g. when going to the shops and saving in your piggy bank

Other areas of the curriculum 

We had some special visitors! We had a visit from a Tawny Owl (called Haggis), a bird of prey (called Squeak) and an Eagle Owl (called Wizzar). We learned that you can stick a finger through a tawny owls’ neck because he has so many feathers, the owls can eat big animals, an eagle owl can eat a whole rabbit and a tawny owl can twist its head around! We loved watching all of them spread their wings!

We have spent lots of time practising for our show! It is really fun and we can;t wait to show you all!