P3T WB 4/3/19



This week we took part in a competition for World Book Day!  We had to write a space story. We were thinking about a beginning, middle and an end to our stories.

On Thursday, it was world book day, we wrote a blurb to summarise what our book was about.

We have been looking again at super ways of opening our sentences. We went round the class in groups and opened doors that were on the walls. Inside were different ways of starting sentences. We will finish these next week but below are some you can try at home:

Home Learning:  You could try and use these openers and continue the sentences:

For Example: In the distance…  there was a mysterious man.  This could be up-levelled to:

In the distance there was a mysterious man standing on the hill, he was holding a leather suitcase.

Once upon a time….

One morning….

On the top of the hill….


SPELLINGCITY.COM has the words for this week and next week up. Click here to view the list: Spelling Words


We are nearly finished our adding. Many of us were practising the following:

A 2 digit number + a teens number, eg:  34+12,   45+15. 67+13

A 2 digit number adding a number with 9 by adding ten and taking away one: 34+9, 56+19, 23+49

Adding 2 digit numbers that cross over the hundred eg 67+54,  89+43

Home Learning: Practise some sums like the ones above, show your parent/carer the number line method we have been practising.



We were pretending to be archaeologists!  we learned that their job is like being a time detective. They dig up artefacts and look for clues about how people lived in the past.

We went out to the sand pit for an archaeological dig and we dug up a skeleton covered in bandages, it was a mummy!  We used tools to carefully unearth it and we looked at what we could see, and used this to think about what we thought happened and what other questions we could explore.