P4B – What we have been learning this week WB 04.03.19


In Writing, we were learning to write a story! To celebrate World Book Day we entered a competition for the school about the moon landing (it is the 50th Anniversary this year). We had to include adjectives, interesting openers, punctuation (full stops and capital letters) and connectives.

In Reading we are enjoying our group books. We are trying to read with expression. As World Book Day happened this week we enjoyed Drop Everything and Read and shared our favourite book with someone.

This week’s spelling pattern is oi and oy and we revised some tricky words. Words include toilet, joyful, toy, point, royal, boil and annoying. Tricky words we revised include were, water, because, would, should, could, there and their.

Things to do at home:

  • continue your space landing story 
  • write descriptive sentences describing things you have seen (try to include adjectives, openers and connectives to make them really exciting)
  • research information on the moon to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning about fractions (quarters, halves and thirds). To show our learning we created posters. This included information about how fractions are linked to division and needed to show some examples including word problems. We played some ICT games to enhance our learning.

Things to do at home:


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In IDL we received a mission about the titanic. We had to research information on ships in general. We used the ipads to do this.
  • In P.E we enjoyed gymnastics and fitness. In gymnastics we made a three step sequence using different balances.
  • We enjoyed going to the book fair.
  • In French we recapped on the days of the week and the weather. We played some games relating to number. There are lots of French number songs on google we used – you can try some at home.