P5H – 8/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In Literacy Circles we got a new job called predictor. The predictor has to guess what is going to happen next in the book and have evidence to back up their ideas.

We wrote some space stories to enter a competition for World Book Day. We could only enter three stories which the class had to help choose. We narrowed it down to 5 and then Mrs Haynes got someone to help her choose the final three. We all got to make up our own stories, the only thing that we had to include was that it was space themed and about the moon. We had to write 500 words or less to enter.  Katie, Darcy and Gregor’s stories were chosen.

We learnt about newspapers and wrote our own Headline, strapline and then the first sentence of a piece of news about deforestation.

We went to the book fair to buy some books and went to P2 to read our favourite books on World Book Day.


We did some division this week. The three chilli group started to look at dividing three digits using short division. Two chilli were looking at remainders and one chilli were linking times tables and division.

We did our beat-thats on Friday. It was WAY easier because we are getting better at our times tables.

We learnt some more about area. We found out that you can get 1/2 a cm2 and we learnt about estimating area by looking at how much of a cm2 is covered. We started to learn that you can use your times tables to work out the area of a square or rectangle.


We learnt about Tudor clothing. We learnt about all the materials that they used. We drew our own designs and then use pieces of material to make it look real.

In German we learnt to have a conversation about asking someones age. I French we were learning how to start a conversation.

In ICT we made our own spreadsheet in Excel with formulae for a budget for a party. We looked online to find things to put in.

We learnt about Lord Darnley’s death. People plotted to kill him in an explosion but he escaped and someone stabbed him with a dagger.