P7F Reflective Friday 8.319


We learnt about coding in order to practice and understand the caeser cipher wheel and morse code. We revised long division and multiplication. We used our memory skills to remember the steps and used subtracting and multiplying too. This week we used probability and the 5 possible stages. We used fractions to represent our answers. We found out how many possible options there are compared to how many chances there are.

For those of us involved in the Book Fair we have been using our money skills. We were rounding to the nearest pound and adding and subtracting amounts of money.

Next Step – To use larger numbers in long division and multiplication.


This week we wrote a letter pretending we were a WW2 evacuee writing to our family. We also used our reading skills to follow instructions on how to make a gas mask.

Then we read chapter 8 of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. We looked at adjectives to describe Anna’s feelings. Also we thought about which life Anna preferred – her life in Germany or Switzerland.

For spelling we were given a list of tricky words and we learned how to spell them and how to put them in context within our writing.

Next Step – our next step is to read chapter 9 of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and to continue to study this novel.


Anderson Shelter – for the past few weeks we have been working on making an Anderson Shelter. First we designed it and now we are nearly finished building it. The skills we have been using are: teamwork, co-operation and listening.

Blitz/Evacuation-this week we have been learning about the Blitz. We started to write a letter home to parents (we are writing as if we are children who have been evacuated)

Next Steps – we are going to type up our stories and use tea bags to give an antique effect.

Have a lovely weekend!