P2c Reflective Friday 15.3.19


We learned how to use the soft c spelling sound in words like mince, prince, chance,

We continued our revision and test of all our common/tricky words so far.





Click HERE for a link to a spelling game in case you want to play at home too

Maths and Numeracy


We have returned to working on core numeracy skills such as counting on and back, and counting the jumps from one number to another. We are learning to read and write 3 digit numbers


Other areas of the curriculum

We enjoyed meeting Haggis the tawny owl, Squeak the Hawk and Whizzer the eagle owl.


We enjoyed experimenting with electrical circuits to make the bulbs light up.



Look at how creative we are !



Home learning activities.

Practise your spelling words by writing them in a tray of flour, or laying them out with raisins. You could eat the raisins if you get the word right !

Write 3 single digit numbers each on a small piece of paper. Which 3 digit numbers can you make by moving the cards into different orders. What is the lowest/highest number you can make ?

Discuss the different types/sources of energy you can find in your house – e.g. gas cooker, mains electricity, battery powered items, rechargeable items, solar power etc. What about your car, is it powered by petrol, diesel or electric ? Which foods have given you energy today ?