P2M – What we have been learning this week 11.03.19


This week our spelling sound was -nce. We know this makes the s sound. We looked at words ending in -nce. This included chance, dance, pence, prince and France We know that the -nce makes the s. We know that when there are two consonants together between vowel sounds, this makes a thick wall an stops the magic of e getting through.IMG_2556

We have also been busy practising our tricky words. Please see previous post for these words.

In handwriting this week we have practise the letter r. First using white boards and finally on paper. We practise our ‘r’  “going up and down, back up and over”. We have been working on using a tripod grip when doing our writing. Please do reinforce this at home to make handwriting more fluid.



In Reading, we have continued to work on our reading groups.

Things to do at home: 

– practise writing words   ending in -nce (s sound)

– think of different describing words for lots of different things, e.g. the weather, the programme you are watching, your cuddly toys 

– keep reading at home! What books are you going to read?!

Maths and Numeracy

We continued our SEAL work. We are thinking of numbers before and after, sequencing numbers, adding two numbers together and counting and copying patterns.

We are also continuing to build our money skills. Some of us are trying to recognise the coins, some of us are using coins to buy things and others are even trying to add some money together.




Things to do at home:

– ask the number before and after 

– put different numbers in order, from smallest to biggest or vice versa

– add two numbers together (using counters/objects if necessary)

– keep trying to use coins in real life contexts, e.g. when going to the shops and saving in your piggy bank

Other areas of the curriculum 

We had a special visitor!  Sarah who did a workshop of singing in Scots. All children joined in, did beautiful singing and were able to spot the Scottish words!



We have spent lots of time practising for our show!  We have everything ready, even our costumes! It is really fun and we can’t wait to show you all!