P3T WB11/3/19

It was lovely seeing parents this week and sharing all the good work and progress we have been making.

pic collage wb11 march

Literacy:  We have been developing our comprehension skills in our reading. We also finished our ‘blether stations’ where, behind doors around the classroom, there were some openers to help us come up with new ways of starting sentences.

At Home: We also did a spelling test of common words, as discussed at parent’s evening, and these will be sent home for extra practise.


Maths: We have finished addition and next week will move on to subtraction.

At Home: Ask your child to explain their favourite strategy for adding.



We had a visit from science students from Heriot Watt University and they did an experiment with us and we created our own lava lamps!  They have an open family day on Saturday 13th 10am-4pm. Admission free.

We also talked about strategies for when we are stuck. These are displayed in one of the photos above.

We learned that the inside of tombs had pictures that told the story of daily life in ancient Egypt.  We drew an Egyptian using wax crayons, scrunched it up and painted over it with pain to get an old effect. Above are some examples.