P4B Reflective Friday Week Beginning 11th March


  • We used interesting openers to improve sentences.
  • We completed a comprehension activity about The Titanic.
  • Our spelling pattern this week was au.
  • In Writing, we wrote about our weekends.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  • Here are the spelling words; you could play a game of hangman using these words.

week 17 au words

  • Find some sentences in a reading book and improve the openers.


Maths and Numeracy:

  • We have been working on a variety of fractions including halves, quarters and thirds.
  • We have been practising our times tables each day.
  • We have looked at properties of 2-d shapes.

Ideas for Home Learning:

Practise your halves, quarters and times tables.  You could use Hit the Button to help you get faster.  Remember to practise your tables both in and out of order!


Have a go at this game to look at properties of shapes.



Other Areas:

  • Some students from Heriot Watt University came to talk to us about Science and we did an experiment using oil, water, food dye and some fruit to learn about density.
  • We celebrated Comic Relief- do you want hear our joke?

“What do you call a nose with no body?”

“Nobody knows (nose)!”

  • In PE we started badminton skills.
  • We continued our research into the parts of a ship and the Titanic.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  • Continue your research into ships and the Titanic.
  • Continue to work on your goals for Getting Active.
  • Think about your own learning story targets and work on these.