P5H – 15/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In writing we planned our Mary Queen of Scots newspaper article. We had to make sure that we had a strapline, paragraphs, a headline and a conclusion planned.We had to think about how improtant the information was and put the most important at the top of the pyramid with the additional information at the bottom. We had to include the 5Ws and 1H.

We created our own Leuven Scale, it shows how we feel using a scale of extremely high to extremely low.

We did our second week of literature circles, we had to look at last weeks predictor predictions were right, some of them were and some hadn’t happened but they could still happen before the end of the book.


We have been looking more at division.

Three chilli and two chilli have been learning about short division. We have to be careful to set it out correctly. We had to make sure that if the remainder was the same or bigger than the number you were dividing by you could add an extra one in.

Here is a Youtube link to show how we do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLze82Zcc4Y

We were also learning about the Perimiter of shape. On squared paper you count 1cm for the edge of each box. In two chilli the challenge was to try and make a shape that had the same area as the perimiter of the square. We went outside to measure the edges of squares and rectangles.


In French we are learning about families. We are learning to say sister, grandad etc in French and then make a family tree.

In German we have started learning about fruit. We learnt how to say them and then play a game to see if we could match them to the word. Some of them are similar to English but some are very different like, die Ananas (ask your child what it means!).

We learnt how to say fruit in Mandarin too.

We learnt about what happened to Mary Queen of Scots before she was executed. She went to six castles.

Some people from Herriot Watt University Chemical Engineering department came to visit us. They showed us some experiments which mixed different liquids – water, oil and food colouring- and added a vitamin C tablet to watch what happened. We also found out which foods sink and float!

Mrs Haynes got given a Mr Orangutan for our classroom tree.