P5HW’s learning this week….

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We are learning how to calculate the area of shapes by counting square cm. We know that area is different from measuring a line so we have to record it like this….. cm2

We were trying to work out shapes’ area which included counting half squares too which was a little trickier.

In division  we are learning to calculate the answer using the bus stop method. Some people are doing the hang man method.

We are also trying to make the  link in fact families which helps  us calculate quicker.

eg 4 x 5=20 20 divided by 5 = 4


In Spelling we are learing that soft g in the final position is always made with the letter ge and not j and that defensive d always defends the vowel 

eg badge, ridge, gadget

Tricky words don’t , won’t, gone and done 


In Mandarin we are learning the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and the names of fruits.

In French awe are learning the names of family members 

In German we are learning the names of fruits

Mary Queen of Scots involved leaning about Lord Darnley and his murder….another whodunnit? and why? We  became journalists and began to compile a newspaper report about it. 

We are learning about Tudor houses and that they had timber frames and a jetty. We have begun to make our own houses.

In PE we were practising our skills to help us play central net games. we are getting really good at rallying

Herriot Watt University students visited and we did some science experiments with liquids to find out of the separated when they were put together like oil and water.It was really interesting.

Today we donated money so we could dress up in red for Comic Relief

Have a lovely weekend!