P5H Tudor Houses

In class we have been learning about Tudor houses.

We made a presentation to share what we have learnt about Tudor houses using an app called BaiBoard3. We could add pictures, text and draw lines and shapes to help us share our learning. Enjoy looking at some below!

(A note from Mrs Haynes – I am sorry but I can’t seem to get the names of the pupils who made each presentation to come up, enjoy looking through them, I am sure your child can spot their presentation!)

BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-35-22 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-39-35 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-41-54 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-42-10 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-45-08 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-45-17 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-47-21 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-49-50 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-58-12 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-05-59 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-07-22 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-09-45 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-12-40