P3M Home Learning Activities



Please complete the reading assigned for your group. Ask someone at home to ask you questions to help you with your understanding of the book. If you have been given a ‘rocket’ bookmark, use this to help.


Continue to practise your spelling words for this fortnight. Remember you can access these on Spelling City using the link previously given or by searching for Mrs Bailey and Mrs Munro on the Spelling City website.

Keep on working on your common words too. We will have another spelling assessment at some point after the Easter break.

Art / Talking and Listening

This term we have looked at the work of L.S. Lowry and discussed his style, type of paintings and what he was trying to communicate through his art.

Your task is to prepare a short talk about an artist. It should include:

  • The name of the artist.
  • When they lived / if they are still living.
  • What they painted / drew / sculpted.
  • Why you chose to talk about this person.
  • An example of their work and your thoughts and opinions of it.

If the artist is well-known, let Mrs Bailey or Mrs Munro know the name of the piece of art you will include in your talk and we can ensure we have an image prepared to show on the Smartboard.

Please be ready to give your talk from Monday 1 April. We will listen to talks throughout that week.


Choose one of these activities to help reinforce the work we have been doing in class.

Counting in twos: Practise counting forwards and backwards in twos. Write some patterns e.g. 2,4,6,8 or 12,10, 8, 6. See how far you can go.

Ordering hundreds: Roll a dice three times to make a 3-digit number. Write it down, Keep on doing this until you have five 3-digit numbers. Now put them in order.

2 dice duel: Roll 2 dice to create a 2-digit number. Roll 2 dice again to create another. Add the numbers together using an ‘Empty Number Line’ to record your thinking. Play against a friend or family member – see who can get to the correct answer the fastest.