P5HW learning this week 18.3.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.


We were learning that a synonym is a word which has the same or similar meaning as another word  and an antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word

eg  for  big synonym is huge antonym is small

We wrote newspaper reports covering the murder of Lord Darnley . 


We continued with multiplication and division link facts and calculations.

We measured areas in different units eg cm2 and m2 and had to work out some tricky  word problems. we need to practice remembering to put the correct measurement after the numbers 

We continued to explore the life of Mary Stuart after Lord Darnley’s murder. We discussed her captivity and escapes . We performed a play concerning the trial of Lord Darnley in out teams and then decided who were responsible for his murder. We looked at voices and characters.

We designed Tudor houses and then created a For Sale poster outlining the key features of our houses  

In PE we worked with P5H in cooperative games . We nailed the new trio dance.

We discussed out forthcoming Toy Sale and made posters to advertise it . We  created an information message  to send to all classes and parents. 

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces  displayed on our classroom walls

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!