P3T WB 18/3/19

pic collage wb18march


We have been looking at how mummies were made and the mummification process. We are learning about writing instructions and using time connectives: First, then, next, after that, finally as well as ‘bossy’ verbs: put, place, wrap, take etc.  We started by ordering instructions on how to make beans on toast and highlighting the connectives and bossy verbs.

Home Learning Activity: Look at instructions around the home. Do they have time connectives? what ‘bossy’ verbs are being used? Can you cut up and put instructions in order? Could you write instructions, for example, making a cup of tea, a sandwich, how to brush your teeth etc. Spelling words will be changed next week.


We have been practising our doubles and looking at multiplication. We have learned that multiplying is adding groups of the same number. For example, 3 groups of 2 can be written as 3×2 or we add 2+2+2 but also 2 groups of 3  (2×3, 3+3) has the same answer.


Home Learning Activity: Learn the 2x table facts. You could use flashcards or quiz each other on the way to school. Instant recall is what we are looking for.


Other Areas of the Curriculum:

We had singing with Mary again this week and we were learning about rhythm and beats. In our topic we looked at how mummies were made. We loved the part when we learned that the brains were taken out through the nose!  In Health and Wellbeing we talked about what we do to to recharge our batteries when we are tired.