P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 18th March

What a busy week of learning in P4G!


  • We worked on our new spelling pattern, which was words containing the aw sound.  Please see the list below.
  • Using an extract from Matilda, we visualised what we could see, drew a detailed picture of it and labelled it.  
  • We highlighted where the missing speech marks should be in an extract from Matilda.
  • We worked on a comprehension activity linked to Titanic.

Home Learning Activities

  • Use the spelling list below to help learn your aw words.  You could put them in alphabetical order.  Can you add four extra aw words to the list.  Can you write a sentence including all of the tricky words to, too and two, used correctly?
  • Could you find a really descriptive passage from a book at home and create your own, labelled visualisation?

Week 18 spelling words

Numeracy and Maths

  • We continued to work on our times tables: revision of 2, 5 and 10 and getting super speedy at 3 and 4.  (Some of us are also working on our own personal learning story times tables too!)
  • We discussed what division means and worked on making fact families for our times tables.
  • In fractions, we moved onto revising quarters.  We can work out a quarter of a number by halving, then halving again OR by dividing by 4.
  • In our learning on shape we continued to look at the properties of 3-d shapes.

Home Learning Activities

  • Use the beat that sheets below to get accurate and faster at the beat-thats you are working on.  Don’t forget the sums you’ve worked on in the past though- you need to keep practising ALL of your sums!

Beat thats 2, 5, 10 x tables

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Beat that 3

  • Find a group of objects.  Can you divide them in half?  Can you divide the same group into quarters?  Do you notice anything?  Can all groups of objects be divided into halves?  Can all groups be divided into quarters?
  • Show someone at home how to make a fact family using this sum: 3×5=15
  • Where can you spot the different 3-d shapes you have been learning about around your home/garden/in the local area?

Other Areas

  • This has been a SUPER exciting week in P4G!  
  • We got our second secret Titanic Mission and now our classroom has been transformed! 
  • The P4s have been getting organised for our charity event, collecting for Edinburgh Food Project.  We created posters for around the school and presented a Powerpoint in assembly.  Thank you for all your support with this so far, keep bringing collections in until the deadline on 29th March!
  • In PE we worked on circuits.
  • We enjoyed our swimming on Thursday.
  • We met our new teacher, Mr Couper who will be working with us after Easter on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Home Learning Activities

  • Find out even more facts and information about the Titanic.
  • Draw and label your own picture of the Titanic.
  • Find our more about our charity the Edinburgh Food Project.
  • Keep up the good work on your Health Passport.