P2M – What we have been learning this week 18.03.19


We have learned the sound soft g: stage, page, cage, age,  etc. “It sounds like a j but it is actually a g” (comment by child). We have also been checking how are we doing with our tricky words.

Reading:  You will have notice that this week your reading book is a on fiction book. “They’ve got real facts on them”. Please read the book with your child and talk through it, ask questions related to the content to ensure your child understands what he/she is reading.

Handwriting: Letter n “Up and down , up again and over and flick”

Writing: We wrote about the show. Our focus was punctuation and using describing words.

Home learning activities

  • Practise writing soft g words
  • Think of different describing words for lots of different things, e.g. the weather, the programme you are watching, etc.
  • Keep reading at home! We are looking forward to hearing all about the different books you are reading at home.



Money: up to £1, make amounts, short them out, etc.

We have challenged ourselves with some activities’

Home learning activities:



Other curricular areas


What a fantastic show we did! We had a fantastic time. We performed beautifully in front of the school and parents and carers. The children have worked hard for these performances and we are very proud of them all.

IMG_2626 (2)_LI

This Friday we have continued to work  singing in Scots with Sarah. Some of the children led the group with their beautiful singing.

We also have been exploring how batteries work and we have created a basic circuit at skills time.IMG_2636