P5H – 22.3.19

This week we did our blog with Mrs Martindale


Last week, we made our writing plan for writing the news report on Mary Queen of Scots’ Execution. This week we have finished writing the report based on the plan we made. We also did self-evaluations for our writing. From the self-evaluations, we learnt what we need to do to improve our news report.

We wrote some direct speech to add into our news report. This was to help our news report be more reliable.

This is our third literacy circle week.  We continued to practice being a “predictor” when we read.

We have also learnt about how to use apostrophes to show something belongs to someone. We reviewed our knowledge on how to use apostrophes for contraction.


We continued our learning for perimeter and area.  We learnt to use the formula P=2L+2W to calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles. We also discovered the links between perimeter and area. We discovered that you can have shapes with same perimeters different areas, and shapes with same areas can have different perimeters.

We have continued to practice our division skills. The 3 chilli and 2 chilli group have been learning about short division. 1 chilli group have learnt to do division with remainders.

We have started a new maths topic on Patterns this week. We found out what pattern means.  We know there are different types of patterns, such as shape patterns, number patterns and letter patterns. We know that a pattern is formed by a certain rule.


This week, we have written our news report linked with our topic on Mary Queen of Scots.

In French, we have revised the words for the different titles of the family members.

In German, we have practiced the pronunciation of different fruit and vegetables. We also played card games and iPad games to reinforce our German vocabulary.

In Mandarin, we made up our own booklet for the names of different fruit and vegetables.

We watched the P2 Easter show rehearsal, and we all think they have done an amazing job!

On Thursday afternoon, we had our first lesson on Coding, and we practiced breaking the code and finding the secret messages sent from Mrs. Martindale. We hope to continue our learning on the topic of “coding”.

We have learnt to use Leuven Scale to assess our energy level and concentration level during the day.  We have learnt how to recharge our batteries when we are feeling low.  We have made our leaflets with information to help people to recharge their batteries.  We practiced our Sid-Shuffle dance to be active and regain our energy.

We have also designed our poster for the fundraising event for sick kids’ hospital.