P5HW learning this week 29.3.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.


In Spelling we are learning 2 rules : –

  • words of more than one syllable ending in the sound k are spelt ic  eg  hectic, garlic, athletic
  • when we add ing or ed to words ending in ic we have to add a k to keep the sound hard eg picnicking, panicked
  • Tricky words are people , again 

We finished our books in Literature Circles

We did a comprehension on Red Nose Day. We had to read the passage and then answer questions.

We used the inspiration from the 75th Anniversary of the infamous escape from A POW camp in 1944 and Mary’s attempts to escape from Loch Leven Castle to plan an adventure story. We looked at settings , characters and vocabulary. We will continue writing them on Monday.


We continued with multiplication and division link facts and calculations.  We were working in different groups Some people did word problems and others worked out a  formal method of division and others did bus stop method.

We continued to measure areas in different units eg cm2 and m2 and remembered the function :  area = l x b

We are  learning how to calculate the perimeter of a shape by measuring the sides of the shapes and adding them together . We noted the differences.

We finished our  Tudor houses and For Sale posters looking at the wording and ways to advertise them.  

We began to look at Tudor fashion .  We designed an outfit with a partner and started to select materials to use.

We learned about the Reformation in Scotland and the part John Knox played in Mary ‘s life, We had long discussions about differences within religions 

In PE we used the large apparatus to make movement sequences.

We put up posters about the Toy sale and spoke to all the classes and collected toys in our Drop Off area.  

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces in our jotter and also  displayed on our classroom walls

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!