P1 Squirrels w/b 25.03.19

Literacy & Reading


This week we have explored the sounds oa and ow and revised all our tricky words.

Please continue to revise and practise sounds and ‘tricky words’ at home.

Below are some tricky words which we are finding difficult to read. Please work on these at home: come, some, one, you

New reading books will be sent home on Mondays/Tuesdays.

Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)


During reading we have also been concentrating on reading with expression and spotting rhyming words.


  • Writing – we are linking our writing to recycling this week. Children have been learning about being more eco-friendly and what we can do at home and at school to look after our environment,
  • Dictation – children have been working on spelling words using the sounds we have covered. This week we focussed on oa
  • Reading – Children should now be trying to use their knowledge of the digraphs (oo, ee, oi, ch, th, ai etc) to read bigger words.




  • We are having a focus on revising maths skills this week (addition, subtraction, order and counting forwards/backwards).
  • Subtraction – we have had a whole class focus on subtraction calculations this week. To help with skill you can practise counting backwards. We have also been looking at writing subtractions calculations – remember the larger number always comes first.
  • 100 number square – we have been using our own number squares to help solve number calculations.
  • Calculations – we have been exploring subtraction and addition calculations – looking at the symbols to make sure we read and complete calculations correctly!



Other Curricular Areas


  • P.E. – This week we had an opportunity to have an extra P.E session with our P.E Specialist Miss Hastie. The class had super fun using the wall bars and other climbing equipment!
  • Science – we have been exploring different types of materials. Some children have been using different materials to make new clothes for our puppets.
  • Science – We are learning about recycling this week and looking after our environment. We have looked at what we can do to have a positive effect on the environment and how to become more eco-friendly. See if you child can spot the symbol for ‘recyclable’ on household items!
  • ICT – we are now using iPads to support our learning. Children have been great at sharing and not spending too much time on the iPads!



Learning Through Play


  • Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.
  • Role Play – some children have been using the building blocks and their imagination to deliver pizzas to Miss Davidson and Miss McGhee!
  • Role Play – Children have been enjoying ‘being the teacher’ this week in our new mini classroom!
  • Sand Play – children have been exploring wet sand playing with different shaped moulds.
  • Painting – children were finger fainting ‘oa’ on slices of bread from a loaf!
  • Play Time – we have been setting a ‘Play Time Challenge’ to encourage new friendships. We have been asking P1 to think of someone in the class they have never played with and ask them to play.


Extra Information


  • P5 have organised a toy sale to raise money for Children In Need. This will take place next Thursday during class time. Prices will be in multiples of 50p (50p, £1, £1.50 and £2) . if you would like your children to have the chance to buy something please give them correct change. P5 will be there to help us!



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.