P2c Reflective Friday 29.3.19


We explored the spelling pattern using soft g, in words like bridge, fridge, badge, fudge.

We also worked on our tricky spelling words  – do you think you’ll be ready for a test next Friday ?

We are working together on the book called Something else. We are learning to make inferences from the pictures – and we have been experimenting with showing our emotions on our faces. Can you tell how we are feeling just by looking at us ?

We wrote a report about the show.




In Numeracy we have been continuing  revising our number bonds to 10, and for those who are confident with that we were looking at number bonds to 20 and the 10 ‘stories of 9’ ( 9+0, 8+1, 7+2 etc )

Other areas of the curriculum

We had fun exploring the science of bubbles. We know that a bubble is made of three things; soap,, water and air. The skin of a bubble has three layers – a layer of water in between two layers of soap. If there was no soap the water would all collect together into a blob  and wouldn’t stretch out to go round the air. When we pop a bubble we put our finger through the skin and all the air escapes.

We enjoyed a rare opportunity to use the big equipment in PE, and today we developed our coordination when using bats and balls.



* please continue to revise number bonds to ten ( or 20) e.g – 8 and what make ten?  6 and what make ten?  You should know these number bonds quickly and be able to answer without counting on.429AE763-0A7F-4BBD-A52D-FF01F32E289F

If you wish, you could download the free maths app called ‘King of Maths’ and play the addition games – starting at level one and progressing to higher levels at our own pace.


* read a book of your choice

* get active outside if the weather is nice