P2M – What we have been learning this week 25.03.19



We have been learning the sound soft  -dg.  We know that because there are two consonants between the vowels in these words it creates a very think wall which keeps the vowels apart and stops the magic e doing its job so the vowel doesn’t say its name.

Example given:

Page : only one consonant so the magic e works, a  says its name

Badge: two consonants, dg, make a thick wall so a doesn’t say its name.

Words that we have worked on this week: bridge, fridge, hedge, edge, lodge, fudge, judge, etc.


This is the work of a some children making their own -dg words (they even made their own new word, can you spot it?)


We have been working on: making predictions about stories, retelling a story in order, describe our own experiences and finding information in pictures.


We have been working on letter m “up and down, back up and over, down and up and over, down and a flick”

Home learning activities:

Home reading: No reading books for home this week as we have been reading individually to Mrs de Bonrostro to check our progress during the term. We also have been working on our tricky words.

  • Please practice the tricky words sent home (for those who have been given this work at home)
  • Practice tricky words given on  previous weeks at this blog.
  • Practice your words (-dg) using chalk, flour.
  • Keep reading at home! We are looking forward to hear all about the books that you are reading at home.



We have been working on number bonds to ten. We used Numicon. Most of us found easy to do number bonds to ten but harder to do number bonds for numbers within ten.

Home learning ideas:



At PE we have been working on ball skills and on Wednesday we had the opportunity of using the Gym equipment and learned new skills. We had a fantastic time, we challenged ourselves!