P3T Week Beginning 25/3/19




This week we have been learning the 10x table so lots of practise of the 2 and 10x table at home please. We also looked a bar charts and what information they show.

Home Learning Activities; Practise the 2x and 10x tables.  Look for different bar graphs and discuss what information is shown. Think of: the title, how the axes are labelled, what the bars show.



We have been looking at dictionaries and alphabetical order.  We also finished writing our instructions for how mummify someone. In spelling, we are looking at Easter and Spring words. We created a picture of an Easter/Spring scene and included our words.

Home Learning Activities: Practise Spring/Easter spelling words at home (not on spelling city this week)  Practise putting some words in alphabetical order.


Other Areas of the Curriculum:

We put our knowledge of mummification to the test and mummified a tomato!

Can you see the TIME CONNECTIVES and BOSSY verbs in the instructions below?

First you clean the outside and cut off the top of the tomato. Then scoop out and remove the inside. Stuff the tomato with a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda, which replaces natron that the Egyptians used. Finally place in a tray and completely cover and leave for two weeks.

Then we will remove the tomatoes, paint in PVA glue to replace the resin that was used and stuff the tomato with material and wrap it up.