P4B Reflective Friday 29.3.19

Here is what we have learned this week


This week we worked hard on developing our knowledge of the formal algorithm method of subtraction. We started to learn about how to exchange twice in one sum. This was really tricky but we all enjoyed it. I have put a how to guide below, just remember its an american video so they call exchanging re grouping.


We practised our beat thats using the flashcard games on the I PADS this week and I have attached them for you to practice at home.





Home learning activities –



This is the link to fractions bingo and hit the button for practising your 2.3 and 4 times tables.


Other areas

We have had so much fun this week learning all about the Titanic, we have been super detectives and researched all about how the ship was built, the stories of its crew and passengers. On Tuesday we worked in groups and all had responsibility for a part of the ship. We created a giant P4 version of Titanic, it looks absolutely wonderful, good job P4.

Home learning activities –

I have attached a link to one of the websites we used in class, which has lots of really interesting facts.


Have a great weekend