P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 25th March

Here’s what we’ve been up to in P4G this week:


  • We wrote a diary entry as if we were Matilda thinking about descriptions, feelings and the key features of a diary.
  • In Handwriting we rewrote a tongue twister using our best cursive writing.
  • We finished reading our class novel, Matilda.  In Reading, we completed a comprehension all about Roald Dahl.
  • Using a conversation from Matilda we correctly punctuated some direct speech.
  • We worked on our amazing openers.
  • Our spelling pattern was the ea spelling that says ‘e’; for example, bread.

Home Learning Activities

  • Why not make your own word search using this week’s spellings?  Show someone at home how to do pyramid writing with your words.

week 19 ea words

  • Write a diary entry from a character in your own reading book.
  • Practise your cursive writing by writing a story.


Maths and Numeracy

  • We continued to work on fractions.  This week we looked at halves, quarters and a range of other simple fractions.
  • We worked on our beat-thats and times tables.
  • In Shape we looked at 2-d shapes and the angles within them.

Home Learning Activities


Other Areas

  • We completed our work on mission 2 of Titanic and shared our information in groups.
  • Our Drama was based on recreating a scene from Matilda.
  • We have continued to collect for the foodbank and started to organise the food ready for collection next week: thank you SO MUCH for all the generous donations.
  • We went swimming.
  • In PE we worked on our creative, teamwork and responsibility skills to make up new games and show them to each other.

Home Learning Activities

  • Continue with your health passports.
  • Make up a quiz with the things you now know about Titanic.
  • Can you make up your own active game using what you have at home/in the garden?