P5H – 29.3.19

Here is what we have been up to this week in P5H;


We did our last week of literature circles with our current books. We looked at our predictor role and some people had some of their predictions come true but others had none!

We assesed our newspaper article about Mary QoS. Lots of people got tickled pink in it and there were only a few green for growths. Here is a link to see all of our newspaper reports! https://padlet.com/houdandan/ffz97rtxzw1i

We planned some senses poems and watched a Michael Rosen poem. Some of us preformed our poems to the class.

Some home learning – go outside into your back garden and relax. Listen and feel what is around you and write your own senses poem about your garden!

Our spelling pattern was soft g this week.



We did some more work on division. One chilli has been dividing with remainders, two and three chilli have been doing short division and three chilli became teachers to help the two chilli group.

we have been learning more about number patterns. We learnt to decipher number patterns to help us solve codes. We had to use a key to help us. Three chilli did some work on the fibinachi sequence.

We learned about the Ceaser Cipher – when you write the letters are shifted along three spaces, the Enigma code helped us during WWII. We designed our own secret codes to test each other.

Some home learning – try and make some of your own codes using number patterns! Bring them in for people to solve.



We learned about Tudor jewlerey and made our own using pasta and art materials. It was quite messy to do!

We went on Scratch to learn how to do computer programming. We had to use codes at the side to help us move our character move and say thing. The character was called ‘Sprite’.

In assembly we learned about the Easter story from the SU. We have done an easter wordsearch or crossword to test our knowledg. Eilidh’s wee brother Callum came into assembly, he smiled the whole way through and was really cute. He has grown lots since we last met him, he was able to eat a lot more foods too.