P2M – What we have been learning this week 01.04.19

We are ready for the holiday!

This week we have been reviewing all the sounds, spelling words and maths skills that we worked on during the term.



We reviewed soft -c, soft -g and -dg sounds.  We have done some lovely work with the soft -c sound:

We have been working on spelling blocks. Some of us went further and made their own sentences.

We have been working on: using a plan to retell a story and to plain the main events of a story. We worked with our learning partners to create our story, we know that we need a setting, characters, problem and ending.

We have been working on letter h “up , all the way, and down, back up and over  down and a flick”. Like every week we started our work outside using different media and on Friday we did our work on paper.


Home learning activities:

Home reading: No reading books for home during the holiday.

  • Please practice the tricky words sent home (for those who have been given this work at home)
  • Keep reading at home! We are looking forward to hear all about the books that you are reading at home during the Easter break. the first week back everyone will have the opportunity of telling the class the book that they read and why they would recommend it.
  • If you want you could write a sentence  (or more) everyday explaining what have you done, if you liked it or not and why.



We have been working on addition and ordering numbers from 0 to 100 !We have worked hard and challenged ourselves!

Home learning ideas:

“We like playing hit the button: you add numbers and you hit the right number”

  • Keep counting forwards and backwards up to 10, 20, 30, 100. Also ask your child to say the number before and the number after a given number.

There will be lots of opportunities during the holidays to look at numbers: while shopping, getting buses, in the car looking at number plates, etc.



This week we have the opportunity to play with block play in the area. The buildings were amazing! As you can see we have been working as a team, taking turns, exploring symmetry and balance.