P3M 5.4.19


As well as working on core numeracy skills in our SEAL groups we practised place value by saying the value of numbers in three digit numbers and talked about different subtraction strategies.


Our new spelling words all have an Easter/spring theme.

We practised using a or an by writing them correctly in a sentence.

We really enjoyed listening to everyone’s talks about their chosen artist and were able to give feedback about communicating well to an audience.


We explained our magnetic games and how they work to the rest of the class.


We learned the names for different types of houses and thought about the house we lived in.


We were learning how to keep a steady beat and got to choose our favourite singing games.


We watched a short film about the Easter story and discussed what happened to Jesus and why Christians celebrate Easter.( We hid the carrots for the P1 Easter hunt)

Have a lovely Easter break.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M