P3T WB 1st April


This week we have been learning about the Easter story with reading comprehension activities. We have written more in our fact books about ancient Egyptian homes.

Home Learning Activities: Set a reading challenge for the holiday, perhaps finish a book or read a magazine. Write a postcard and bring it in the first week back from a days outing, or if you’re away for the holiday, keep a diary.


We looked at building pyramids and used repeated addition and linking this to our understanding of multiplication.

We also went on an Easter maths trail round the school searching for questions to test us.

Home Learning Activities: practise quick recall of 2 and 10x table facts. Continue practising counting in 3s and 4s.

Topic:  We have been learning about Egyptian homes and fashion. We returned to our mummification of tomatoes after leaving them in salt for two weeks. We cleaned them out and stuffed them to regain their shape and painted them in glue and bandaged them.
Have a happy and safe holiday.