17.5.19 P3M

Hi Everyone

We have all enjoyed a fantastic health week and have made the most of the beautiful weather.

Here are some of our activities:

We started the week with a whole school assembly where we spoke about the way we can all make a difference in our street, school and community. The children took a family challenge sheet home yesterday.

In PE we were practising jumping different distances and heights.

We discussed well being indicators and played a game to help us understand what they were.

We listened and responded to Tchaikovsky’s Trepak.

We made healthy muffins.

We participated in a classroom yoga session and had daily Just Dance sessions.

Sports day was great fun with everyone participating and trying their best. Well done to the Green team for being the overall winners.

Mrs Murray spoke to us about keeping ourselves safe in different situations.

Outdoor learning- we worked cooperatively with a partner to complete a list of tasks in our wooded outdoor area and used the iPads to take photographs.

We finished the week with a whole school fitness session in the playground.


I enjoyed the running race because I love running.

I liked the sack race because it was fun falling over.

I liked making the muffins, they were lovely.

I really enjoyed taking photos during our outdoor learning.


We began to read for information and to make notes for a specific purpose. (New reading books will be given out next Tuesday and Wednesday)

We did a whole class standardised maths assessment using the laptops. The class focused very well on this.

We did a whole class standardised spelling test.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M