P3M Home Learning Activities 17.5.19


Please ensure you have completed the reading assigned to your group.

We have been working on our skills in reading for a specific purpose / to find out specific information. You could practise this at home using newspapers, magazines, books or internet sites (as long as an adult says it’s OK and can help you). You can research any topic you are interested in or ask someone to give you a topic or a question. Try to write down the information you find out using headings and / or bullet points.


On Tuesday, we will repeat the spelling test we did back in March. Keep practising your common words and focus on those you did not spell correctly last time (highlighted on your sheet). Remember to refer to the grid that was sent out last week with lots of fun spelling activities to help you.


Explain to someone at home how to add numbers together using an empty number line as a strategy.

Have a look at this clip if you need a bit of help:



We have been listening to Tchaikovsky’s Russian Dance (Trepak) this week and will be comparing this with Waltz of the Flowers over the coming weeks. Listen to some other music composed by Tchaikovsky, such as pieces from Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. You might like to draw a picture of what you imagine is happening or perhaps you could make up a dance.