P3T WB 13/5/19

Health Week


We have been very active this week and well done to everyone for all their super efforts at sports day and what a lovely sunny day we had for it. We have been busy making the most of the summer weather by being outside as much as we can.

Other activities we have been doing this week related to our health and wellbeing are: introducing mindfulness and thinking positively, we have learned breathing exercises to help us when we feel angry or upset.  We baked some healthy banana muffins and had a talk about keeping ourselves safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igK-DRB5faU


We have been continuing with subtraction and linking our community topic map work to our maths.  We have been learning to use grid references.


Home Learning Activities:  Create a treasure map and locate the treasure using grid references. We have been making similar maps in class. Remember the letter comes first eg D4. I will send home maths activities that can be ongoing next week which are similar to the spelling grids that were issued last week.



Reading Groups started this week with new books and because of the long weekend reading goes out today for all groups and to be returned for Wednesday.

Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day: Ch 5 and 6

The Last Wolf: P25-44

Cliffhanger: Ch 2

All other groups: Whole book

Spelling:  Here are the words that we will start next week for two weeks. Everyone was issued with spelling activities that you can try at home.

Green Grasshoppers words: Compound Words


Sapphire Sharks: Prefixes out-  un-  over- under-


Yellow Yaks and Black Bats:  ea and ee


Can you please return any learning stories that haven’t been returned to school yet please.

Thank you