P5H – 17.5.19

This week has been a bit different because we have had our Health Week!

One of the first things we did was the Scootathon with the Nursery. We scooted in a circle in the playground and chatted to our buddies. We also got to show off some tricks on our scooter. At the end when Nursery had gone we did a relay race on our scooters.

We learnt about First Aid with Mrs Murray.

The highlight of our Health Week was Sport Day!! We had 10 activities including javelin, skipping, sack race, obsticle race, egg and spoon, running, beanbag run, football dribbling, relay race and beanbag throw. Some of our favourites were the football dribble and javelin and running! It was really fun.  Some of us also helped out with the Nursery and P1 sports day, we had to tell the children how to do the activities and encourage them and count up their points.

We did some research into Paralympic sports. It was very interesting to find out things that were different to able-bodied sports. Paralympic athletes get treated with the same attitude by coaches as able-bodies althletes, their coaches don’t go easy on them because of their disability. We discovered how para-athletes have rules adapted to help them in the sport.

We learnt about the Eatwell plate. There are 5 different sections of the plate, one of the sections was Carbohydrates and Starchy food, this has things like bread in it. Sweets and treats were not on the plate because we shouldn’t have lots of them but we discovered that when we brought in wrappers from home we had the most of this section!

On Thursday we had an exctiting day! The Immaginate festival came in to do a workshop with us.

We learnt about sound! We made our own soundtrack for a fire video. We used bubble wrap, plastic, newspaper, wrapping paper and crisp packets to create the sounds which were recorded by a microphone onto a computer where they were mixed together. It sounded really relistic.

We also recorded footsteps in woods, we used rice crispies being crushed to make the sound of people walking.

In the afternoon we learnt about the play we are going to see – This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries and This Girl Does Nothing. We discovered a lot about the characters – we had to create a frozen picture to represent the personalities of each of the girls.

At the end we went into groups and picked songs that represented us. Some of the songs were Leave the Light on because if we get into an argument we always help each other, Working 9 till 5 becuase it is a cheery song that makes us happy and From Now On becuase it reminded some of us about the dance show!

Home learning this week is to ‘Make a difference’ You will find details on the sheet below which will be sent home next week to fill in.