This week ( 13/5/19) P5HW have been learning …..

It has been a very busy and active week with Health Week and Sports Day!

Here are our combined reflections .

We continued estimating and measuring objects inside and out side the class in mm, cm and metres. This is something we could do at home.

We made a fraction wall and looked at equivalent fractions . Try practising at home.

Sports Day was…….. amazing, hot , tiring, fun.exciting, enjoyable, exhausting, thirsty work, team building , varied and challenging!

We have been keeping healthy with the nursery. Some of us helped at the Nursery / P1 sports We also did Run a Mile with them . It was fun. They can run fast and far!

On Thursday we had a fantastic day’s workhop with the people from Imaginate Festival It was connected to our visit to see the This girl laughs ,This girl cries,This girl does nothing

You can look it up here

Here are some of the things we did…..

Today we held our own Scootathon

Look out for the Make a Difference family challenge to do at home

Next week we are looking at food and health and we need any empty large plastic bottles and food wrappers to analyse ! Thanks !

Enjoy the holiday weekend!