W.B. 13.05.2019 What we have been learning this week.

What a busy week we had!

Health week has been fantastic, we have been learning lots of different things and we have had amazing weather.

Sports Day was fantastic. We all took part in our first Sports Day at the Waterboard Field. We all worked hard and enjoyed the day. Thank you to all parents/ carers who were able to come along to see us. For those who couldn’t come you should be very proud of your children as they did a brilliant job.


This week we have continued with our reading. All groups have to work a little bit harder now. Please continue to support your children with their reading at home as this helps your children not only with their reading but also when taking part in groups discussion.

We have started to work our block 7 of tricky words. We will continue to work on this block for the next few weeks.

Block 7 pdf

In handwriting we have been learning how to write cursive p.


Home learning ideas

  • Reading: read with your child the reading book and talk about the book. Please use the reading rockets that your child was given before.
  • Try another activity of the spelling grid with the new tricky words and revise the ones your child is working on at school at the moment (all children know in which block they are working on).


We have started to learn about fractions. This week we have focused on understanding what a half means. We are learning to describe and record a half in a variety of ways: pictures, words and notation.

We have made the most of the weather and we have taken our learning outdoors.

Some children have challenged themselves with bigger numbers and with quarters!

Home learning ideas:

  • Ask children to find containers at home, such as measuring jugs, plastic bottles, etc. and half fill them with water. Then try to find how much each full container holds and  work out together how much water they have put into each. Ask your child to record their findings in pictures and words.
  • When cooking ask your child to help you by cutting the food in half.


Other curriculum areas

Sports Day has been the highlight of the week but we have done lots of other things: the school nurse visited us to talk about hand washing, we had a dance workshop with Miss Levey, we cooked  and ate vegetable soup , we have done yoga and exercise outdoors. We had a fantastic time playing the violin again with Mrs Cross.

Home learning ideas:

  • Look at the family sharing activity  sheet from our Building Resilience Programme that your child has taken home today. This unit is ‘Make a difference’
  • Enjoy the long weekend outdoors and indoors!