Week Beginning 13.05.19


Please make sure that you are asking your child questions to check understanding. We have been reading a page backwards in class to make sure we are focusing on each word!


We have not been focusing on sounds this week as it has been HEALTH WEEK!

Please continue to revisit all sounds covered at home.


This week we have been continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Please see the previous post for a numeracy link to work on at home.


This week has been HEALTH WEEK and we have had a super week in Primary One. Below is a list of some activities we have taken part in:

  • It was SPORTS DAY! Thank you to everyone for coming.
  • We had a visit from the School Nurse who showed us how to clean our hands properly and we covered our hands in glitter and had to wash it all off.
  • We had a ‘Tiny Taste’ session in the classroom. We gave lots of foods a taste. Lots of us enjoyed the Brie cheese and the baby corn!
  • We had lots of active breaks.
  • We have had lots of opportunities to explore the outdoors.
  • We have learned about why it is important to brush our teeth.
  • We are taking part in playground games with P6 today!
  • We have been learning all about eating and drinking and making good choices.

What a fantastic week!